When I got to Sydney, I was bleeding money since I was spending most of my time in the city for work and university. It doesn’t get any easier for the first few months while one is still looking for a decent job which aren’t too easy to come by as well.

$10 specials

Cheap eats are the best way to get the energy needed to spend the day in the city walking around, working etc. without spending too much money. I would say $10 in a day would be the ideal amount to spend on food and drinks. I love the $10 specials most pubs have as they’re good enough to keep one going for a while.

Energy drinks

One no-no is consuming mass amounts of energy drinks. There are a few popular brands available but the most popular ones are V and Mother. The prices in the city compared to the suburbs vary. They even vary by location.

The cheapest can of Mother I’ve bought was $3.21 in Wollongong and the most expensive can of Mother I’ve bought was $4.50 in Lumeah. I’ve found that its better to just buy a case from Woolworths or Coles and keep it at home. Its way cheaper.

Of course Redbull is available everywhere but its a bit pricey. If you’re going to be drinking energy drinks, might want to get used to a different kind of taste. I found Mother to be quite similar to Redbull. My favorite flavor of Mother is the Frosty Berry which is the purple can.

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