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ISLA Completion Ceremony

Towards the end of 2013 I joined the International Student Leadership Ambassador program and became an official ISLA Ambassador for the City of Sydney.

I made some great friends and got the chance to get involved in some of the city’s cultural projects with the leadership of Susana Ng as our project manager. I was selected as the Team Leader for the marketing team, although my work and study commitments did not leave me with much time but I tried and got involved when I can and it worked out great!

On Friday 24 April, 2015 we were invited to attend our completion and receive our certificate and welcome the new ISLA members as alumni. It was a great evening with food, drinks and even some dancing. Here’s a sneak peak of the fun times.

ISLA and Me


At any given time there are a few hundred thousand international students in Australia which makes them a large portion of the society. There are various support programs for students offered by universities and councils to make their stay in Sydney a good one by providing them opportunities to be a part of the Australian community and promote events to other international students.

I was selected for the ISLA program for the City of Sydney where I am  volunteering and working with the City of Sydney on events. The program is open to international students living, studying, working and/or visiting Sydney, and offers free training opportunities to enhance an international student’s communication skills, which become transferable to future careers.

I’ve met some very interesting people from all walks of life and around the world with varied level of interests, expertise and academic backgrounds and universities across Sydney. I’ve attended some training sessions where I’ve learned quite a lot about how things are done and all the various factors that need to be considered. The experience is also extremely valuable in terms of work experience.

The ISLA Program will provide training, mentoring and practical experience to leaders in the international student community with the aims of:

  • Increasing and improving engagement between the City of Sydney and the international education sector
  • Helping international students to better integrate and engage with the City of Sydney community
  • Building the capacity of international student organisations to deliver community events that engage with the greater community.