Back home and my best friends wedding

I went back to Pakistan on 25th December to meet the family and attend my best friends wedding. Now when one is going back to Pakistan, a few things are to be expected. Things like strikes, small incidents and riots in various locations all over the city, power cuts, gas cuts, traffic etc. so I was quite prepared for all of that and I was still looking forward to the trip because I knew for the next month I would have a driver, a maid and a cook to do everything for me and I won’t have to do much.

The fact that I was going to see my family and attend my best friend’s wedding were the highlight of the trip. The first week was a blur since a lot of people were quite excited about my arrival. I went straight to my friends house from the airport and started the dance practices which I only had 4 days to master before the main event.

Pakistani weddings are a ritualistic and elaborate affair and often stretch on for a week for the main events but the pre-wedding events start sometimes a month or two before. The Mehendi function is the most important and anticipated part of the wedding festivities. The bride and the grooms friends & family members (usually younger cousins etc.) prepare dances and perform them on the night. It is a very colorful event and can go on all night especially since its is followed by a musical performance by a live band. That is exactly how my friend’s mehendi function was and it was awesome.

The wedding was as lavish as all the other functions with around a 1000+ people invited. It was one of the best times I’ve had especially because it was my best friend who was getting married. I am staying back a while longer to attend yet another friends wedding and it will surely be as fun.

Like I mentioned earlier, while one’s in Pakistan, one has to be prepared for anything and I’ve had to experience a few things but nothing that I can’t handle, however the ban on YouTube and the cell service being shut off is a giant pain in the ass. Besides those two things, there’s never been a dull moment.

Me, Azfar (the groom), Samia and Ali

The gang! (From left: Me, Azfar, Sam and Ali )

Sana, Me, Adnan and Ali

Sana, Adnan, Ali and Me. My very close friends.

Me, Areeba and Azfar

Me, Shade and Devil

Samia and I

Sam and I

The Mehendi Function

The Mehendi Function. The dance floor just before the stage

The crazy groom on the big day!

The crazy groom on the big day!Devi

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