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Like I mentioned before, getting a job in Sydney that pays your bills and allows you to save is extremely hard to come by and with the 20 hours per week restriction on students it is almost impossible to make more money than $350-420 per week without breaking the law and working beyond your allowed hours.

The employers who pay a minimum of $20 hour are many but as soon as they hear student visa the hourly rate drops to $13-17 if you’re lucky. Some employers like to exploit this fact and give you $10-11.

Be prepared to get night shifts and afternoons when you start off. Consider it hazing as these are usually the undesirable shifts that older employees aren’t too keen on doing. Oh yeah and weekends as well. It is rare to find a boss who understands your situation and is willing to help out.

I went from a decent job to a crappy job to a job where I don’t mind working nights or evenings simply because my boss is pretty nice. He’s fair and understanding which is awesome.

I’m working as a cashier at a retail store and its paying the bills and giving me enough time to study and do all the other things one needs to do.
Be careful about what you sign up for and commit to. Casual jobs are very volatile and when money is involved it becomes quite stressful towards the end of shift if theres money short or over.

Also, one doesn’t have the luxury of options. Casual jobs usually have to ve accepted on the spot simply because of the large number of people calling in for it.

One needs to prove themselves in the first week to have a good rapport with the boss as these jobs aren’t democracies. They’re autocratic to the core.

Well that was a little insight into the life of a casual job. Bottom line, if you prove yourself as hard working and honest with a good work ethic, you have a higher chance of getting more shifts.

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