We Sell Wax

Good Morning World.

Its 9 AM and we’re on the way to work. Like I explained earlier I sell wax and a lot of it! The drive to work is crazy fun just because I work with a bunch of fun boys and girls.



Yours Truly

image image

Zainab. Her alter ego is Wognab

We’ve got 10 different people from different backgrounds working in our team which is pretty great. I’ve learnt a lot of new things just hanging out with them.

What I’m doing right now is way better than sitting in a cubicle all day. it’s fun, I get to see most of Sydney and go on road trips to regional areas, meet new people and just have fun. Best of all I’m working for myself and there is no limit to what I can make while having fun doing it.

Well time for me to get to work now. more pictures later…

Have a great day.

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