Crazy Phone Bill


Before I got here, my friend got me a Vodafone SIM card saying it was the best one for students as it was less expensive than the other services like Optus and Telstra.

Accepting my friends word since he’d been here for the last 2 years I started using the SIM card when I got to Sydney. I soon figured out why Vodafone was so cheap. Since this was my first experience with the Phone plans and I could get the iPhone 4 or the Samsung Galaxy S3, I was excited to get it.

Anyway I got on the $59 Vodafone plan which has $5 per month for the phone so I ended up paying $64 per month for the service.

I soon realized why it was cheaper for students because it had major service issues. I had no signals in the mall below my house so I had to walk all the way outside to actually get make calls or stay outside before I walked into the mall.

The only good thing about it was the $750 of calling credit that I had which meant I could call home more often at a whopping $2.5 per minute and I did.

That was short lived as initially I did not know many people and wasn’t making many calls which allowed me to make more international calls but once I started working and making friends, my local calls started getting more and no realizing the face I racked up a phone bill of an insane $162 which ib just paid putting my bank balance into the negative.

Now I check my phone bill every few days since they sent me a message last month telling me what my insane phone bill was.

For students, Vodafone is pretty good as its cheap and has a 3.5G or HSDPA network. it works in most places but just be careful of how the billing works as it can get out of hand.

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