The Departure and My Arrival

Months ago, I decided to pack up and leave Pakistan to pursue my postgraduate degree in Australia. This would have been my first major move to a foreign land not including vacations obviously. I was excited and scared at the same time, I had very little idea of what I was going to do or what was going to happen.

I tried to plan and manage everything I could before I came to Sydney but thats all they were, just plans. My closest friends and family drove me to the airport on the day of my departure, it was an emotional moment for most and I tried to contain myself from getting too emotional about it.

Finally I crossed the gates and left my best friends and my family behind for what will be a very long time. Of course as expected, there were issues at Karachi airport with my luggage as I was 30kgs overweight which I later realized was not a lot.

My first trip was from Karachi to Bangkok on Thai Airways which was a short 6 hour flight which was quite comfy and easy to handle, however the 1.5 hour layover in Bangkok which hardly allowed me anytime to exit the plane and haul ass to the other side of the massive Suvarnabhumi Airport to board my flight to Sydney. When I got there, the flight was ready to board so I just had enough time to sneak a quick cigarette in the well hidden smoking area and run off to board.

Fast forward 10 hours…

I arrive at Sydney’s Kingsford International Airport buzzing with excitement on starting my new life, meeting new people and just having fun. One of my closest friends, Saaim came to receive me at the airport with his friends and his girlfriend which was a treat because I was in no mood to try and figure out how to get to where I needed to go lugging around 51kgs of luggage on a freezing night.

Off to Auburn

As I was informed, I would be living in a suburb called Auburn which is around 30 minutes away from the city by train. My apartment was on the 10th floor which had a great view. The good part was that the apartment is above a mall so its got a small food court with coffee shops and bakeries, Woolworths and Big W for groceries and household items. It was an ideal location which makes it really good for a student who knows nothing. The greatest advantage of this location was the fact that its right across the train station which made travelling really easy.

Concluding the night

I unpacked and it took me a few hours to fall asleep since I was on Pakistan time which is 5 hours behind Australia. The night ended on a decent note I fell asleep eventually around 9 am Australia time.

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