Office Xmas Party

Xmas being the most exciting time of year in most places where its celebrated, it brings people together to celebrate and enjoy themselves before everyone goes off for the week.

Most office parties happen a little before the actual dates for obvious reasons and so did our Xmas party at FW1. The management booked The Argyle at The Rocks in Sydney for the party. I’ve been there before and its one of the pretty nice clubs at Circular Quay.

Before the office party began, we all gathered at our team leader Blake’s roof top for a mini celebration of our own especially since the man lives in Neutral Bay which has the most amazing view of the water front and the Harbor bridge.

Anyway, I’ll let the pictures explain what went down. 😉

P.S: If i look tanned in the pictures, that’s because I have.

Back from Work!

Me and the Alcohol

David and Me

The view at dusk! WOW

Blake and Me

Blake, David and Me

Tooheys New

The Argyle

The Argyle Bar


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